Welcome to UNSTITCHED- a blog that deconstructs the world of costume design!  More importantly, it’s a resource  for those of you- the students, the courageous and the dreamers- to push forward and DIY the skills needed to work in this niche. These posts and anecdotes come from an industry of storytellers that have chosen fabric, texture and color as their medium. Here you will find REAL advice, and answers  to questions you may have hesitated to ask before!

But let me first introduce myself- I’m Laura, a Nuyorican who made the leap and caravanned west from my nest in Queens, NY. I moved when I was a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, naively believing that my fashion design degree automatically gave me an automatic ‘in’ to starting my career. At the time, I had interned with Broadway Costume Designer Martin Pakledinaz, traveled across the country to style music videos and assisted on a horror feature film where our costume department was staged in the basement of a dingy Brooklyn warehouse.

Four years later, I’m still navigating this crazy industry–and I love it! But I’d be lying if I said it was easy, consistently rewarding or laid-back. I tell my husband sometimes that I should’ve been a plumber, with the amount of crap I deal with. But hey! That’s why I’m here, writing to you–To help! And maybe make your journey a little less arduous.

How do I join a union in this field? 

What positions are available to me?

What are my local resources for costuming?

These, and more, are some of the questions I’ll be tackling, with help from other veterans in the industry. And I’ll be learning right by your side. I hope you enjoy seam-ripping and unstitching this industry as I take you behind the seams.

And I will never apologize for my puns.


Have questions? Ideas for a post? Want to write a guest post? Get in touch! We would love to hear from you!