Introducing… UNSTITCHED!

Introducing… UNSTITCHED!

The day has come- the first day of launch week! Dun dun da duuuun!

So what exactly is UNSTITCHED? Here, we are undoing the seams, rather, deconstructing the world of costume design. This is more than a blog- I want this to be a learning environment (with a soon to come podcast!) that aides in your journey in the costume profession. Whether that is becoming a stitcher/seamstress, a shopper or growing into a Designer- these posts are here to be a guide as you navigate through your career!

My goals are:

  1. To educate students and aspiring costumer/designers about the ins and outs of the costume world, from film to theatre to geek niche.
  2. To provide real, honest insight and anecdotes that provide a realistic picture and expectation as your navigate through your career.
  3. To provide tips from industry professionals.
  4. A resource guide for tools, books and schools that can enrich your development as a costumer.

The blog is not:

  • A sewing tutorial blog- there are several good ones out there (like Gertie’s Blog for better sewing and GJEOMETRY. Not saying there will not be any information about sewing, but it would be in a broader sense and we will not be focusing on specific pieces about detailed construction.
  • A fashion blog- outfit of the day posts will not be featured, unless it provides a specific educational purpose (for example, a post regarding good footwear for working those long hours on set/backstage!)
  • You will not find posts about what your Halloween costume should be. Nor is it a costume commission website.

I am not promising to be a professor or a costume guru- in fact, I’m still learning and working, but I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far!

To introduce everyone to the blog, our launch week will feature one blog post every day, for 5 days, and then shift to a bi-monthly schedule (with new posts being on Monday). And of course, as the blog changes and grows, so will that schedule but first baby steps! Thanks for your patience!

I want your feedback for what you’d like to be discussed, whether you are a student in a costume program, just discovering what costuming is, a graduate looking how to start their career or someone looking to finally commit to their passion. What do you want to see answered? Do you want to know how to think of long term finances while working freelance? How to make your first steps toward union membership in your respective area?

Our Social Media

Please take a moment and follow our different social media accounts!

UNSTITCHED Facebook– Where I’ll share additional links, articles and videos!

UNSTITCHED Pinterest– I have broken down boards with separated sections that act as quick reference guides!

UNSTITCHED Instagram– Photos and announcements!

UNSTICHED Newsletter – Blog updates and cool exclusives!

I am ecstatic to bring this blog to life! If you haven’t had a moment yet, please check out the About page for additional information! Thanks for being a part of the journey, I hope you enjoy reading!

Happy unstitching!


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